Breakfast fail to fix — Busy Morning’s Peanut Butter Banana Nut Oatmeal

Busy happens.  In my life busy is what I love and what I thrive off of, but even for me occasionally there ends up being too many things to do in a day.  For instance, I haven’t put a blog post up in about a week.  I’ve started writing many posts but haven’t been able to complete them because I have too much going on and they get pushed aside.  However, one thing that doesn’t get pushed aside is my health.  It’s so easy to think in terms of the present and instant gratification.  Yet, I make a conscious effort to stay aware of my food and health decisions in the now because I know they will affect me later too. Busy or not, I still cook for myself and eat well and maintain my active lifestyle, because I make it a priority.  But! Like I said, I understand busy.  My dishes haven’t been creative, and certainly nothing special enough to be picture worthy in my eyes.  But I stick with it and I plan ahead and even if my food isn’t pretty, it’s delicious and healthy and I feel great after eating it, and that’s what matters most.

I wanted to share my breakfast from this morning because it was almost an epic “too busy” fail moment.  Oatmeal is something that’s quick and easy to make for breakfast, and filling and nutritious too, so I turn to it a lot on hectic mornings.  I boil 2/3 cup of water, add 1/3 cup of old fashioned oats, and simmer on medium for about 5 minutes.  This morning I let the time get away from me and I came back to over-cooked oats! But instead of getting frustrated, I improvised.  I added a little bit more water, a bunch of cinnamon and mashed an entire banana into the mixture and let it heat through.  Tasted like banana muffins so I kept going…crumbled some walnuts on top and a big spoonful of natural peanut butter and it was amazing!  I will definitely make this again, and not just the days I mess up my regular oatmeal haha.  It’s just another simple breakfast idea, or fix in my case, to keep on hand for those busy, hectic mornings when you just don’t think you have time to eat healthy.

peanut butter banana nut oatmeal

peanut butter banana nut oatmeal close up


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